Dumbass one meets dumbass two in a humiliating encounter … DARWIN, WE NEED YOU COME BACK!

A still as of yet unidentified man got a face lesson early yesterday when he showed up to the Electric Forest music festival in Rothbury, Michigan waving a Confederate Flag. Clearly not understanding the current status of what the unified mob is into this week, the guy may have let it slip his mind there are emotions and feels running rabid around this particular symbol lately and bringing one to a festival touting its “PLURality” seems to not have been the best idea.

As expected: He got sucker punched. And he didn’t see that one coming beforehand?

But … who of these phenomenal additions to a working society are the better of the two? One who doesn’t understand context and outsiders emotions, or someone who cold cocks somebody for no reason other than they wanted to be a weekend hero — because we doubt this particular person fights racism or any other social issue on a daily basis … not until it’s popular, at least …

Let’s just say both idiots were in the wrong because, yes, you need to leave your shit at home if it pisses people off — especially in a sensitive time like this one with actual deaths and stories attached to a symbol. Two weeks ago? Fine, fuck it, nobody would have or did give a shit. But now, yes, people care — and people will punch you.

But also don’t fucking punch people because you feel like it either. If you’re wanting to eradicate violence and hate, the worst way to do so is attack it with your own self-mobilized and exactly-the-same-kind of violence and hate.

Fuck both these people — stay out of Colorado please …

On a related note, if you really want to do something productive about the Confederate Flag, but would rather not get up from where you're at right now, play this online game where you just "Boo" at the flag until it gets taken down. BOO!