Humans' desire to become one with technology is rapidly increasing, society now experiencing things from color-seeing brain antennae to mind-controlled computers. Which both do well and good to some, but for most, convenience is the name of the game for future endeavors. 

Which brings us to a man named Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow (his actual legal name). He's a resident of New South Wales in Australia that just had his transport pass surgically implanted into his hand, a move he claims will get him from point A to point B even if he forgets his wallet at home.

What Meow-Meow did was extract the digital chip from his regular pass and placed it in a custom made sheath, one which a professional piercer then took and surgically inserted into his left hand. He can now run through the metro line with ease.

“My goal is to have frictionless interaction with technology,” he told various media outlets.

He says he also has one other implant, a type of disk drive he uses to store valuable information on. 

The problem? Transportation authorities aren't exactly behind Meow-Meow and his vision of a seamless world. They claim that tampering with passes could get it canceled, thereby rendering his new implant useless.

"Transport for NSW does not support the tampering or damaging of Opal Cards, which would be a breach of the terms of use," a statement said after Meo-Meow's story went viral.

But Mr. Meow-Meow doesn't seem phased by the recent developments, saying he hopes authorities will one day be down with experimentation and even put his idea to use with other travelers. 

"I'm not super stressed," he added.

Godspeed, Meow-Meow.