Yet, people who drink after a break-up seems surprisingly low?

Picture any anti-alcohol campaign you’ve seen in the past and what comes to mind is likely the image of a sullen, drowning man with a ripped tank top on. He's rocking back and forth in the corner of an empty cavern, somewhat similar to what Sauron’s childhood bedroom probably looked like. The imagery is depressing as fuck.

Yet, if you’re an addict (or know of one), that imagery is right up there with what that out-of-control reality probably is. But the half-drunk whiskey bottle has other stimulating reputations, too; that is, happy people grab for more inebriation when they’re lifted emotionally. According to research, happy people drink more.

A recent Harris Poll surveyed 2,191 U.S. adults and claims far more people reach for the cold barley soup and its distilled friends when celebrating a special occasion than when they’re down in the dumps. In fact, 86 percent like to celebrate positive occasions with a libation, 73 percent drink on their birthdays and 72 percent drink after a good day.

In contrast, 60 percent say they drink when they’ve had a bad day, 52 percent when they’re over-stressed — and surprisingly, only 40 percent look for a sign at the bottom of a bottle after a break-up.

Whatever this means for the public at large is yet to be determined, as anyone with a clear head and a few working receptors will tell you: booze tends to be a huge problem in society. However, if people are drinking more when they’re lifted and not so much when the world is in the crapper, it may point to an overall chiller vibe than not? Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on our part?

Regardless, we're shocked more people aren't out getting twisted after a break-up. Though for many, throwing out that extra baggage tends to be a celebration in and of itself.

What people drink was also part of the survey, and the types of booze people reach for depends largely on the type if person they are inside. Women like wine, dudes like beer — really fascinating stuff?

Overall, it doesn't matter what type of person you are, results are overwhelmingly in favor of people drinking beer the most, the breakfast of champions. Looks like something everyone can finally agree on?

Party on Wayne. Do you.