Wonderful, the meme that wouldn't stop has now made its way into our culinary lives. This week, Harlem Shake The Restaurant — just in case you mistook it for the dance hall — opened in none other than Harlem, a place that must detest even the slightest utterance of the phrase. Fear not Harlem residents, as the restaurant has nothing to do with the hit meme and is just a quirky coincidence. According to the press release:

The walls are covered in nearly 300 vintage covers of JET magazine, there's a 1970s-era neon sign that reads BURGERS, and, on the back wall of the restaurant, a life-sized lenticular photo of Harlem resident and fashion model Shannon Thornton showing off the real Harlem Shake. There's also a prominent "Wall of Fame" personally autographed photos celebrating noteworthy celebrities.

Well, that should ease the uncertainty of whether the restaurant embodies office dance parties. Of course, the Harlem Shake eatery serves delicious burgers, hot dogs and world-class shakes ranging from chocolate to velvet. Call it what you want to call it, we're not buying it. Something tells us the minute we sit down Baauer's "Harlem Shake" anthem begins blasting over the speakers while one waitress bobs her head in a astronaut helmet followed by the onslaught of multiple dancing servers. Nope, we don't buy it for one minute.