Moral of the story: Avoid any and all AC/DC concerts near the beach anytime soon …

One thing's obvious: Sharks are terrifying. They'll eat anything slightly resembling food and are literal descendants of the dinosaurs.

Fortunately for humanity, sharks have managed to evolve into less scary versions of their prehistoric selves. But unfortunately for humanity, they've also grown a love for human music closely associated with the devil himself — heavy metal.

Shark researchers have found that playing death metal and heavy rock songs in the ocean actually attracts sharks, and gets them excited to feast on things in close proximity.

To the deep overlords, the low sound vibrations of heavy metal closely mimics the vibrations of an injured fish. Or more specifically, easy food. The sharks sense the changes in the water and swarm to it looking for an easy meal.

'But what are their favorite bands,' we hear you asking? Primus? Iron Maiden? Metallica? 

Matt Waller, a shark tour operator from Australia, says the Aussie sharks have a particular love for AC/DC. Apparently, the guitar shredding of Angus Young is exactly what the sharks want to listen to while they devour a few dozen poor, less evolved peers. 

To shark researchers, this isn't necessarily news either, they've known about this little trick for years. They call it their "secret weapon" for attracting sharks.

Because that doesn't sound horrifying or anything.

Moral of the story: avoid any and all AC/DC concerts near the beach anytime soon.