Oh artists, how you blow our fucking minds with every self-depricating turned artistic journey into a self-realization that inevitably ends with a lesson in life. In this Cannes nomination, a group of L.A. high-schoolers are documented forming a 'super secret group'  that have toilet papered houses for 32 years. We can only imagine the rave reviews. A) You aren't high schoolers. You are degenerates who need to stop snacking on Keebler cookies and Yoo Hoo and get a job. 2) We aren't sure what we hate more, the general concept of the documentary, or the narrator who believes this is his Academy Award. 3) How could we blame the filmmakers when they were able to raise $30,000 on kickstarter to fund the project? We blame hipsters. 4) We need another beer. 5) The guy from Breaking Bad just lost a lot of street cred.