Colorado just handed out a shitload of recreational marijuana licenses, and just became the first state ever to do so. So naturally, we thought we'd let you know exactly where you can buy all the legal weed you can get your hands on, because we love you and all.

Today is Christmas, which is great and all, but it's also the day that Colorado became the first state ever to issue recreational weed licenses. Even merrier Christmas!

And when we say "issue recreational weed licenses," we mean 348 to be exact. And there's around 400 dispensaries, which mean's that license-approval rate was pretty high. But not as high as we're about to be, giggle giggle.  It's going to be nearly impossible not to buy legal weed come January 1st. You might trip and fall, and BAM, you've just bought yourself a foot-long joint.

Dispensaries, most of which are in Denver, claimed 136 of the licenses. The rest went to grow facilities, who will now be able to cultivate recreational weed, and product-infusion companies who will be using the legal stuff in everything from baked goods to vape pens to those little THC candy things that knock you on your ass for one or five days.

So, in the spirit of Christmas giving, we're gifting you with a list of all the recreational-approved dispensaries in Colorado so you can bum rush them, cash in hand, on January 1st, because we love you. Keep in mind that although these stores are approved to start selling legal weed, they might not be set up for it yet seeing as they just got their licenses, but that doesn't mean you can't pitch a tent and wait outside until they get their shit together.

Licensed Retail Marijuana stores as of Dec. 23, 2013