It answers the burning, universal question "What if weed came to life and was addicted to selfie sticks?"

There are a lot of things you can do with weed.

Smoke it. Eat it. Rub it on your genitals. Dress it up in tiny outfits and fabricate elaborate storylines for it to act out because you're fucking highhh, dude, and whoa, you have a video camera!

That last one there is the basis of Nug Nation, a new series of short, stop-motion animated clips featuring your favorite strains of weed transformed into unique, charismatic characters. According to Nug Nation creators Dylan Pfohl and Mikey Peterson, "Each episode will highlight the unfolding drama of Nugville, a fictional small town in Colorado where Affy and Diesel run the local gas and service station."

Weed strains with personalities? We can get behind that.

For example, there's Affy, one of the gas station attendants modeled after the weed strain Afghan Haze.

Uniform fetishes are EXACTLY what we hallucinate about when we smoke Afghan Haze! How did they know?!

So far, there's only one episode of Nug Nation out, and it's about selfie sticks, which is probably the country's most pressing issue. But we wanted to show it to you anyway because god damn it the weed nugs are talking and we're high and 4/20 and puppies and YouTube and WEED.

Check it out, and stay tuned for more episodes coming up.