Did they change "Click It or Ticket" to "Hit It or Ticket" without telling us?

A controversial new photo has emerged that shows what appears to be a girl sharing a joint with a cop in the front seat of his cruiser.

The girl, who is wearing a neon baseball cap and therefore emblazoning the universal symbol for Dank420, passes the joint to the cop, who is sitting in the passenger seat along with his fancy police gear. The moment ends before we find out if he puffed that pass, but the suspense conveyed in his reach is enough to just titillate the shit out of us.


Did they change "Click It or Ticket" to "Hit It or Ticket" without telling us?

The photos, shared on Twitter by Marijuana Posts, bears the caption" Meanwhile in Colorado.”

LOL, whoever wrote that. We think they mean something more like "Meanwhile in your DREAMS" because there is no fucking way this photo is real. Is there? There's not. But is there?

Naturally, many Denver locals are wondering if the photos were actually taken in Colorado and whether they're legit or just some zesty flick of the old Photoshop. No one's really even sure if that's an actual police officer hanging out with that child.

It's just a big, fat mystery, fatter than that joint these two star-crossed stoners are sharing.

Law enforcement officials with the Denver Police Department and the Adams County Sheriff’s Office seem pretty confident none of their own would have the balls and intergenerational smoothness to pull of a stunt like smoking weed with jailbait in their squad mobile.

“My gut feeling is that it is a private security guard,” one law enforcement source guessed after seeing the photos. Well, if so … Colorado security guards for the win!

We're pretty much squared away on our opinion of this: a Colorado police officer wouldn’t allow someone behind the wheel of his cruiser —  much less while enjoying a blunt  — but we’ll leave it to you amatuer true detectives to figure it out.

One hint pointed out by The Cannabist: "There’s a banner behind the car that appears to say, “Expert Cannabis Consultants.” Recognize the logo? Know the company? Let’s figure this mystery out!"

Yeah, like they said. Figure it out.