Hillary might have just found a way into the hearts and minds of the millennial male voters

Hillary might have just found a way into the hearts and minds of the millennial male voters, and it’s not through free college or universal sweatpants at all strip clubs. The possible president’s campaign happened to need a private plane for the trail and rented one from none other than Dan Bilzerian.

For those not familiar with Dan Bilzerian, a simple Google search will reveal that the millionaire poker player has a penchant for porn stars, wild parties and large guns — especially at 10,000 feet. The dude's a hero with his 16.8 million Instagram followers and 10 million Facebook fans. Damn, where did we go wrong? 

According to TMZ, who ran the tail number of the jet after takeoff, the rig belongs to Bilzerian’s Goat Airways, LLC and was rented to the Hillary campaign organization. In short, Hillary is lounging in a cesspool of porn star juices and Class A drugs. In a weird way, it gives the stoic candidate more street-cred considering she only seems to laugh when a baby cries and lightning strikes.

In Hillary's defense, she probably had no idea she was cruising in a plane notorious for shuttling naked women who play cards and enjoy being on the big screen. But it is politics, and in this day of delegates, superdelegates, primaries, caucuses and all the other shit no one seems to be able to understand, we wouldn't put it past a campaign manager to try and scoop up a few votes from a niche demographic. After all, Bilzerian is most likely a Trump supporter, since he had this to say on Instagram about the candidate, "In an age of pussified political correctness, you have to respect people who remain unfiltered."