Our mustache-touting, plaid-shirt friends are out of the dive bars and back on our radars, this time causing the price of our life-blood cheap beer to increase. According to a recent study, the price of cheap beer like Budweiser, Miller Light and Coors light are increasing, a trend the firm attributes to a rise in demand for Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Chuck Ellis, the head of Restaurant Sciences the firm that conducted the study, says that PBR has become "quite fashionable," in turn allowing bars and restaurants to charge more for PBR's lower-price peers.

But how much have hipsters affected our wallets? Over the last seven months, the price of low-price beers have risen 6.8 percent a month.

We've sat by idly and watched as hipsters popularized being unpopular but this trend is now affecting the price of our beer. And damn it, we will not let that stand.