A historical bridge in Rotterdam will be partly disassembled for the purpose of allowing Jeff Bezos’s superyacht to pass through it, Netherlands officials announced Wednesday.

If you’re unfamiliar, Bezos is most commonly known as the poster child of someone who was never taught how to share.

He’s also known for having more money than anyone could reasonably spend in a lifetime as well as launching a model penis rocket into space. 

Netherlands authorities announced that, in order to allow passage of the balding billionaire’s $485 million super yacht, the city of Rotterdam would need to partly disassemble the Koningshaven Bridge, a historic bridge built in 1878 that was later destroyed and rebuilt following Nazi bombings in World War 2.

According to The Washington Post, the Dutch company Oceano has been building the yacht in the neighboring city of Alblasserdam. Once the yacht, named Y721, is completed, it’ll be the world’s largest sailing yacht. 

However, for the purpose of investigative journalism, it would be remiss of us to not point out that Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million.

Although writers at the Washington Post claim they have journalistic freedom, the publication has since dropped these kinds of gems, leading us to wonder who really calls the shots here.

Many Dutch locals cried foul at Rotterdam’s decision, pointing out that, following a major renovation in 2017, the council in charge of the bridge promised to never dismantle it again.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of Rotterdam pointed out that the channel through Rotterdam is the only route to the sea, before adding that Bezos would pay for the operation, because of course he would.

The superyacht will have three masts and will require a 130-foot clearance to pass through, rendering Y721 as one of the largest 21st century testaments to arrogance to ever be erected, right next to Bezos’s ego itself.