The notion of having to spend money we don’t have to drives us up the damn wall. We ball on a budget, and often keep our eyes peeled back for the best discounts on events around town. What better way to feed our self-importance than to attend an event with thousands of other people, knowing full well that they paid more than we did to be at the same exact place? It’s ego-fuel of the highest variety. Take that, rich people.

So we’re here to let you in on a summertime gem that we’re always excited about. The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) has released a small number of four-day passes for little more than a trip to CoinStar. While they last, the tickets are only $35 and get you access to over 400 artists in 20 venues from July 24-27. Tickets go up to $50 after that. By our opportunity cost calculations, that’s an extra $15 to do whatever the hell you want. Treat that nice neighbor of yours to a few foot-long sammiches. Everyone loves a sammich.

The only cheaper way you’ll get into this thing is if you break the law by sneaking in. We don’t suggest that, because we’ve been to Denver’s jails, and the food there sucks. We may look like it, but we’re not celebrities, so skirting around pesky things like laws and felonies just isn’t in our game right now. Besides, have you seen the size of some of Denver’s door guys? Those Bluto-looking motherfuckers will not hesitate to kick puppies. It ain’t happenin'.

Speaking of jail food sucking: If you’re a musician there’s still time to submit music to possibly play the event. Deadline for that is June 2. Practice, practice, submit. It’s pretty easy.

Keep an eye out here for more info about the event as it comes through. The full lineup has yet to be announced, but considering last year’s headliners of Cults, Small Black and Mudhoney – among others – we’re betting this time will be just as stellar.