Bill's exes are really being mature about this whole thing …

Hillary Clinton can use all the support she can get leading up to the Nevada caucus this Saturday. With recent polls showing her numbers slipping and Bernie Sanders rapidly gaining momentum, Hilary’s campaign seems to be going flaccid.

Luckily for her, who has been running on the “girls rule, boys drool” platform throughout her entire campaign, hundreds of hookers from legal brothels in Nevada have come out to support her by giving away free sex.

Legal prostitutes at the famed Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada are supporting Clinton on a massive scale. According to one Bunny Ranch employee, "Entice Love," 495 of the 540 women that work at the various legal brothels in Nevada will be caucusing for Hillary this Saturday. Which is certainly an impressive number — we had no idea there were that many licensed prostitutes in Nevada!

When asked why she is supporting Hillary, Love says, “she motivates us to be who we are and she’s for what we do, so why not?”

Which makes tons of sense, because Hillary is basically a prostitute for big banks and corporate interests. Instead of giving lonely men blowjobs with condoms on, Hillary will vote in favor of big banks in exchange for campaign contributions. As far as we know, Hillary doesn’t support actual legal prostitution, though — but we’re sure Bill does.

On second though, however, giving away sex for campaign funds is probably illegal and in violation of campaign finance law, but hey, in politics someone is always getting fucked. So what’s new?