Hookup Horoscope May 2021: Sex Magic

Hookup Horoscope May 2021: Sex Magic

You'll howl in pleasure as you release your inhibitions under a New Moon.

SexMay 05, 2020

AQUARIUS: You, eccentric? Why yes, you are. Use that trait to increase pleasure in bed. Do things your partner would never expect. Teach them a few new tricks. Then explore new places to do the dirty. The idea that you might get caught heightens the pleasure. Give in to it.  

PISCES: Sex magick was likely invented by a Piscean native. There’s a partner out there that’s just waiting for you to appear in their life. They want to explore the boundaries of sexuality with a master, and they choose you. You’ll howl in pleasure when you release your inhibitions under a New Moon. 

ARIES: Beware of your jealous tendencies this month, especially with your partner. What you see is not necessarily the reality. The green-eyed monster that lives within is making you see something that’s not there, so cool your jets. It’s a perfect time to talk things out and strengthen your bond. 

TAURUS: You might decide to lay back and let your partner do all the work this month. That’s just laziness, which you struggle with now. Can you keep it up? Can they? If anyone can, it’s you. Don’t let your lesser nature ruin a good thing. 

GEMINI: You excel at talkin’ dirrrrty, and this month you’re in fine form. As foreplay, tell your partner a filthy story that will titillate them and set the mood. Pretend it’s a “choose your own ending” and ask your partner to show you what happens next. Words can be very sexy. 

CANCER: You are imaginative and creative, especially where sex is concerned. Perhaps exploring “furry” sex will spice things up for you and your partner. Or maybe sexy role play is called for. Creating alter egos in the bedroom is a great way to let loose with your most vivid fantasies. 

LEO: You love sex, and that’s a fact. The more intense and outrageous, the better. If you’re feeling a bit bored in the bedroom, it’s up to you to fix it. The kama sutra was created by a Leo, which might be a great place to start!    

VIRGO: You’re tempted to invest in the purchase of new sex toys this month, and someone to star in your fantasies. Your imagination is formidable when you set aside all the “should,” “could,” and “woulds.” You despise boredom in sex, and this is the perfect time to break free. 

LIBRA: Your keyword is “accommodating” this month, just in time to inject a breath of fresh air into your sex life. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to host a threesome or a full-on orgy! You’re royalty when it comes to sensuality, sexual energy, and knowing what a partner most desires. Use it to your advantage.  

SCORPIO: Your spirit animal this month is a leather-clad BDSM hottie who wants to take you to forbidden, dangerous, and sexy places that you didn’t even know you longed for. Be your fearless and bold self and dive into things that challenge your self-imposed boundaries. It’ll be fun! 

SAGITTARIUS: Spring gives you a fever that makes you want to do all manner of things outdoors. Take advantage of the Full Moon this month and explore your wildest fantasies. You’re feeling your sexy oats now. Just don’t scare the farm animals. It won’t look good on your permanent record. 

CAPRICORN: Under the right circumstances, you can make a porn star blush. This month, experiment with withholding gratification until you simply can’t stand it anymore. Engage in sexting that heightens the thrill. Do everything but the actual deed. When you can’t stand the pressure, give in. Just don’t hurt yourself.