Last month, Europe became aware of an epidemic of horse meat that was substituted for regular beef through a supply chain of meat packaging companies so complex, pinpointing the culprit is proving to be a daunting task. Some European officials have gone to far as the say the mob could possibly be involved at some level. The contamination began in Ireland and has since spread to Britain and the rest of the continent.

The latest victim of the meat mix-up? Ikea's Swedish meatballs. The delicious delicacies that satisfy one's tummy while splurging on unnecessary home decor were found to be contaminated with horse meat in 14 European countries. Ikea conducted its own internal testing on the meatballs and found no presence of horse DNA. To be safe, the big retailer pulled the meatballs from sale anyway and is doing so across many countries. 

In Ikea's defense, it's hard to distinguish the taste of cow and horse when you're staring down a cheap four-piece bedroom set with a list price that makes it almost stupid to pass up. Who cares if you're eating horse? Buy the bedroom set!