Go on, get your slurp on!

If you're looking outside right now and thinking, "Shit, if only that snow on the ground were flavored with sugary syrup and artificially colored with something that may or may not give me cancer one day so that I could eat it," then ready your woolen socks, ladies and gentleman, because today (AND TOMORROW) is officially Bring Your Own Cup to 7-Eleven Day!

You read that right, you prolific reading son of a bitch; today and tomorrow there are no rules (there's actually a few rules) on what you can bring to your nearest 7-Eleven and fill up with a delicious Slurpee. Fish tank? Old Vegas Eiffel Tower Plastic shit you brought home and haven't used since? Baby doll head? Empty Fireball bottle? Do it. This is your day.

“Each person can only bring in one cup-like container, which must fit upright through an in-store display with a 10-inch diameter hole,” 7-Eleven says in a statement. “Cups cannot be more than 9 inches wide and 11 inches tall and must be leak-proof, safe and sanitary.”

Each trip will set you back only $1.50. Employees will be standing by at each location to monitor that these simple rules are being followed (but treat them right, they're just doing their jobs).   

So that means no “trash bags, kiddy pools or kitchen sinks,” according to 7-Eleven, who has obviously learned its lesson after the past few years of the campaign …

Go on, get your slurp on!


Get excited Slurpee fans, #BYOCupDay is this weekend! Join us March 18 AND 19 from 11AM – 7PM. What *fabulous* cup will you bring? (US only. At participating stores.) Deets at http://spr.ly/6181BeTjX

Posted by 7-Eleven on Monday, March 14, 2016