You already know you’re not going to climb out of your debt hole until after your mid-life crisis. Why not lean into it and seize the day? Here are a few realizations about the majesty of brokeness and some tips for surviving it.

Helicopter ≠ happiness.

1. You never have to pay for drinks.
Your friends take pity on you, offering to buy you beers, if only you’d come out. It’s like you’re a hot girl, all of the time.

2. The countdown to your next paycheck is a great way to lose water weight through sweat.
Plus you don’t have a car, so your walking abs are positively protruding.

3. Grilled cheese for every meal is every man, woman and child’s dream come true.
There are so many variations on it too; crust, no crust, some crust, provolone, starving … 

4. Your friends actually like you for you.
You don’t have any earthly possessions to speak of, so it’s not like they’re hanging out with because your car’s nice or something.

5. You’re a thrift store savant capable of creating runway-worthy outfits from a dead Nana’s wardrobe.
Honestly, someone cast you on Project Runway stat.

6. You have to get creative about how you spend your time.
You can’t afford to watch Game of Thrones, but you did just learn 47 new cat’s cradle moves.

7. You appreciate everything that’s not ramen way, way more.
Every bite of salad or non-desiccated meat tastes like pure heaven.

8. Every time you have to make dinner for yourself, it’s like Top Chef: Pantry Leftover Edition.
… Did you just make pesto out of breadcrumbs and leftover lettuce?

9. Your willpower is indestructible.
You’ve made a budget and you’re sticking to it. And when you start making the big bucks, you’ll know how to manage it.

10. Your bank is a comedian, and you’re the punchline.
-$14.39? HAHAHAHAHA.