A life-hack that’ll do absolutely nothing to help your waistline …

It’s called meal delivery services.

Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Purple Carrot, Plated, Sun Basket … there are almost more meal delivery services than stars in the sky.

Nearly all of them have introductory offers: You get 2-3 free meals just for signing up and existing.

But since you can easily opt-out at any time, there’s really nothing to stop you from canceling after your free trial expires.

Most services send you 2-3 meals per week and allow you to schedule when deliveries happen. If you sign up for four services and time the deliveries right, canceling after the free trial ends, you’ve got a full month of free feed for your face.

And when the con runs out? Turn to podcast coupon codes.

Blue Apron has sunk its garlic-encrusted claws into the podcast market, and offers exclusive discounts like free meals for listeners.

For example, Savage Lovecast listeners get three free meals by visiting www.blueapron.com/savage. You don’t even have to listen to the podcast to get it, because we just gave it to you.

Thank us later, after your belly is good and full.