#3: Try not being a raging asshole all the time …

Most people want to make a difference in the world but have no real grasp on how to do so. Realistically, there's not much anyone can do to impact all 7.5 billion of us. It's a daunting task. That said, there is still a lot of good you can cultivate just by doing the same, lazy shit you already get yourself into everyday.

Take the Internet for example; everyone loves the Internet. Whether you’re watching cat videos, illegally streaming Hollywood movies, or watching porn that seamlessly mixes the two together, the Internet is home to a lifetime’s worth of information. What if all that time you spend online could actually make a difference?

Imagine being able to provide clean water for an entire family while saving the rainforest, creating food for the hungry or helping poor children get an education all while trolling your favorite comment threads. Thanks to Tab For a Cause, this is now a reality.

Tab for a Cause works pretty simply: just make the fully-customizable website your default browser and then continue using the Internet as normal. Every new tab you open earns a “heart,” and these hearts are the digital currency used to make a difference in the real world. As you gain more hearts, you can pick from any of the eight foundations that Tab For a Cause works with — and these aren’t the “give our CEOs millions of dollars” charities, either, they’re the ones actually doing something with the donations.

Tab for a Cause claims to have already raised $287,712. It's also provided clean water for 5,688 people and has protected 183 acres of rainforest, all with the help of everyday people using the Internet. 

Amazon.com also came up with their own form of easy-to-manage online charity. Amazon Smile is an off-shoot of Amazon that donates 0.5 percent of your purchases to charity. It may not sound like a big percentage now, but if all the approximate 244 million people that use Amazon get behind this, the world would see some serious donations rolling through.

For example, the average Amazon Prime user spends $1,500 a year. Imagine if all 63 million of those users participated in Amazon Smile. That $94.5 billion in online sales would produce  $472,500,000 in charitable donations for one year.

This is real progress created by a bunch of people scrolling through the Internet in their underwear. Hell, if you mixed Amazon Smile with Tab for a Cause together, the results could be huge.

This is all large-scale stuff that can be done from the comfort of a computer, but there is still a lot of work that can be done locally. Never stop supporting local start-ups and giving to local causes when and if you can. It really doesn't take a ton of work on your end.

Or go see local music once in a while, and most importantly, try your hardest to not be a raging asshole every 3 minutes — who knows, maybe things will finally start to get better before they get consequentially worse.