It's their vote, not yours …

Yikes, look at what we've gotten ourselves into. This whirlwind of a shitstorm is our reality, though, so exactly what do we do now to change it? Some opt to hit it running, others wish to ignore it until it goes away. Neither choice is inherently wrong. But while it may be frustrating that some of your friends aren't voting this year, it's well within their right (while ironically defining what it means to be a democracy). Back off, it's none of your business …

Don’t say: “You’re throwing away your vote.”
Say this instead: “Here’s why your vote kind of matters.”
Why? So what? It’s theirs to throw away if they want to.

Don’t say: “But you should vote for _____”
Say this instead: “You know, you can pick whomever you want.”
Why? Must be a great view from that horse you’re sitting on.

Don’t say: “Suicide Squad sucks.”
Say this instead: “I know nothing.”

Don’t say: “You’re just being lazy.”
Say this instead: “It’s actually pretty simple.”
Why? You’re saying ‘lazy’ like it’s a bad thing.

Don’t say: “Don’t vote, can’t complain!”
Say this instead: “Let’s go have a drink about it.”
Why? It’s their vote, not yours.