For whatever reason, the miniature leader of North Korea loves American basketball. And because the country is locked in an unopened social time capsule, many there still think highly of former player Dennis Rodman, a man who hasn't picked up a professional ball since 2006. Details, of course, because in an odd twist of fate he seems to be the only American able to make anything resembling progress in relations between the two feuding countries.

As his agent so eloquently put it in a recent statement, Rodman is in a unique position as being friends with both North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the U.S. President Donald Trump Un. It's why he recently chose to go back to the land time forgot and visit with a "mission" of "opening a door" in country relations. He also has a weed company footing the bill.

Upon departure, Rodman was seen sporting a t-shirt and hat with "PotCoin" emblazoned everywhere, the reported sponsor of his latest adventure. Per its site, PotCoin is "an ultra-secure digital cryptocurrency, network and banking solution for the $100 billion global legal marijuana industry." In other words, it's a digital currency company that's going to go bankrupt as soon as the real banking industry is able to deal with cannabis-related transactions. We digress …

Very little has been released about the actual reason why Rodman is going, however on the same morning, North Korea released an American tourist that was in the process of serving a 15-year sentence for taking down a propaganda poster from the wall by his hotel. When asked about it, he said the detainment of Americans by the North Koreans is "not my purpose right now," alluding to him having nothing to do with the release. He claims he's there to visit friends and smooth over tensions in the ongoing drama. 

"Hopefully we come back with a positive attitude and hope that the door can be a little bit open," Rodman said of his visit. "So give us luck and praise for doing what we're doing."

He added, "I'll discuss my mission when I return."

[Body photo: Kim Kwang Hyon/AP]