She's still the light in all of this …

Britney Spears is and always has been the quintessential American woman. From her rise to a musical icon following the release of …Baby One More Time in 1999 to her highly publicized mental health issues of 2007 — to now being one of the hottest mothers in Hollywood — there has always been a certain grace from Spears everyone can relate to.

Which is why I creep on her Instagram often. I'm about the same age as Spears, and remember vividly trying to watch her videos in secret lest I be labeled a "queer" or "pansy" because I liked pop music. In 1999, as a teenager, being ostracized from the herd was very much still a real danger in America. I hid my Britney fandom — much like every other guy did that had a pulse steered by cum-soaked hormones. 

The best part about her, was that she always appeared to be a genuine human being. Sure, Spears was manufactured from the Disney Inc. Pop Making Machine and spit out into a life of luxury and privilege at a young age — but it never came across that way. Not like it does with today's pop princesses like Rihanna and that Ariana girl. Give props to Spears' PR team, I suppose.


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But now, me creeping up on her social feeds is different, even if a little strange. She's still wildly attractive, but also displays herself with the same type of normalcy you'd expect from Britney Bitch! Here she is, a single mother of two boys yet at the same time struggling with a career and finding the right dude to lock down with. Sound familiar?


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And she struggled, much like all of us have. In 2007, she had enough. So she went and shaved her head and beat a Buick with an umbrella — haven't we all been Britney 2007? Yet she continues to bounce back, with furious vengeance, performing sold out Vegas residencies and releasing hits no one else in the game can touch with a lenthy pole.

And sometimes, she just hangs out on boats without her top on.


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So in a time where the world seems to be falling apart and rampant hate spews from every corner of the Internet, keep in mind there's a place of solitude waiting for you to experience. It's called Britney Spears' Instagram. You too can soak up the positivity along with her and I — a couple long in the making through the awkward trials and tribulations of life. 

God love Britney …