I recently went on a first date and all the guy wanted to talk about was how their was a parallel universe the entire time. Is this something guys are talking about regularly? Am I missing something?

Hmmm…are you sure he wasn’t on acid? This is the first I’m hearing about this. I guess on the positive, at least he wasn’t talking about UFC or Bitcoin. A parallel universe might exist. There was a time I remember a car company called “Saturn.” I remember seeing them on the road, possibly even being in one. Now they’re all miraculously gone! Was this the Mandela Effect? Did I dream that? Parallel universe? Was I on acid? Who knows?

What's the one thing you really want to do but have never done so, and why?

Gotten health insurance… because I chose to be a stand up comedian.

Does meditation work and is it helpful?

I recently tried guided mediation using an app. I fell asleep every time. I don’t know if that’s the goal with meditation but if napping is your jam I give it 4 stars.

Everything I’ve had to deal with this past year has made my life feel stale. How can i begin to live life to the fullest while still remaining safe during the pandemic?

Eat a rotisserie chicken in bed with your bare hands while watching Conan the Barbarian!!! The power surge you’ll receive from this will no doubt carry you through!

Should we be worried that Artificial Intelligence will eventually take our jobs?

Absolutely. Once they design a robot with a curly mustache that can create leaves in your latte foam, it’s curtains for all of us!!!

I’m fully vaccinated and still wear a mask. My dad thinks that is “crazy” but I feel like that’s the responsible thing to do?

I agree! Even after I get it I plan to continue to wear a mask, diapers, a rain slicker, hockey gloves…the works! Real talk though, yes. You’re doing the right thing! Good on ya!

Mike Knows Best:

“I’m not vaccinated yet, but my plan is to candy-flip both the Pfizer & Moderna shot at once and rage hard on this virus to some sick EDM!”