We never thought we'd say it, but God bless Canada … 

So Americans have invented a lot of great things: Freedom, Bald Eagles and weed-flavored everything.

Well, almost weed-flavored everything. Our friendly neighbors to the north have beaten us to the punch, recently debuting the holy grail of weed-infused technology: Chrontella.

And yes, we think "Nug-tella" would've been a more clever way to brand this lovely item, but they do things just a little differently across the border.

It’s just your favorite jar of chocolate and hazelnut spread, but with 300mg of cannabis extract swirled throughout, costing you about $23 for a small jar.

But unlike normal Nutella, we wouldn’t recommend eating the entire tub in just one sitting. It was recently reported that a comfortable buzz takes 10 to 30 milligrams, depending on your tolerance, but each jar of Chrontella has 300 milligrams. Play it safe when you take that Spring Break trip up north. 

Jamie Carlton, manager of Canadian Qualimeds dispensary, told Vice: “It’s taken the cannabis community by storm. It’s not just a cookie. Now I can medicate with my morning toast.”

And if you're really want a sandwich trip, they even make marijuana peanut butter too. What a time to be alive.