Everything we know about life is wrong …

We've done it. You've seen all your friends do it, and if you don't think about it too much, it makes perfect sense. 

If your phone is running slow or the battery is about to die, you just double-click the home button, swipe away all the 20-30 apps that you have open, and now your phone game will be tight again … right? 

Well, no. You're basically the same kind of time-wasting dingus that turns his car off at every stop light to try and save gas. Your phone steals enough of your life, so don't let it steal another moment. 

Your phone isn't running DOS. It has about a billion times more processing power than shit that took people to the moon, so it can probably handle a few apps open. 

But this is what the good people at Apple Insider have to say about you wasting your time:

However, many users mistakenly believe that all apps shown in the app switcher are currently running in the background on their phone, draining performance and battery. That’s incorrect.

Apple’s iOS platform does allow for intelligent multitasking, meaning some apps will operate or finish a task in the background, then automatically close.

However, the iOS app switcher shows all apps that have been opened on an iPhone or iPad, regardless of whether or not they are actually running in the background.

Misconceptions about the iOS app switcher have led many users to adopt the habit of double pressing the home button and swiping up on all apps, constantly, in a futile effort to improve their handset’s battery life or performance.

The truth is, that habit is a waste of time.

So stop doing it. And if you see any of your friends doing it, slap their phone out of their hand and tell them to stop wasting their lives. Actually, you should probably do that anyway. 

If you really want to save battery life, just lower the brightness of your screen, turn on Low Power Mode, or stop using the damn thing so much. Problem solved.