For every American waking up to the blissful 4 a.m. tweets from the Leader of the Free World taking aim at his enemies and friends over such important issues as witch hunts and porn stars, there’s a silver lining to all of it: You can now bet your life savings as to when this dumpster fire will come to a screeching halt.

With Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, admitting to a court that “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office” he kept information that would have harmed Trump during the 2016 presidential run, talking heads and people who can only speculate like the rest of us are dropping the impeachment word, which has hardened the nipples of online prediction markets.  

PredictIt, a site allowing you to wager on everything from Stormy Daniel’s having an affair with Sean Hannity to Trump challenging Eminem to a rap battle, has seen the odds that President Trump will be impeached reach 48%, a new high. 

But before you cash out of your bitcoin and decide to bet it all on Trump fucking up, let’s hammer out the details. The current odds that Trump will be impeached by the end of the year stand at 9%, while the odds of impeachment at the end of 2019 are at 36%, and the odds of Trump getting impeached during his first term are at 48%.

There’s money to be made people! We all know Trump saying he knew nothing about the payoffs to Stormy is about as believable as  Stormy’s boobies. And today, he admitted he knew “later on” about the payments. Whether or not this is a campaign finance violation and an impeachable offense is up for debate among drunk buddies at Chili’s bar and grill. But nonetheless, Trump responded to such rumors as only Trump could: “I’ll tell you what, if I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash.”

The Dow is at a record high — even with impeachment circulating in the political lexicon.