It’s been a rollercoaster couple of months for everyone following the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) disclosure story — more commonly referred to as UFOs.

In December we were promised a declassified report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on UAP/UFO’s within 180 days. Which caused an intense uproar of excitement among the public. In the weeks leading up to the report, the mainstream media’s talking heads, whistleblowers, nutjobs and spooks were working full tilt: drumming up hype for the forthcoming UFO report, stirring the pot and stoking the fires of interest. People thought this was it: we were finally going to get to see those god-damned Roswell alien bodies; we were finally going to get to see High Definition pictures of flying saucers, Tic-Tacs and black triangles; we were finally going to get a definitive fucking answer to the question of: are we alone out here??

Then, on June 25th, the report dropped. And it all-but-instantly killed that raging boner the UFO community had. It was nine meager pages, and here’s the gist: 

There are things in our skies that are more advanced than anything we’ve ever engineered; we don’t know what they are; where they’ve come from; or what they’re doing here. But people are looking into it.

For anyone hoping for final, full disclosure, or undeniable proof of aliens on Earth, it was a flop. The media sources that had been building everyone up, went suddenly, notably silent — while Reddit weebs lamented like widows all across their internet forums. 

However, to those of us that have been tuned into the UAP/UFO story since before Joe Rogen made Bob Lazar cool, and since before the Nimitz Encounter was ever even disclosed, that report was still a very big deal. And according to Lue Elizondo, the man who used to run the Pentagon’s UFO taskforce, it’s just the first course in an “eight course” UFO disclosure meal being served around the world.

“That report was simply a milestone, a benchmark,” Elizondo said in an interview on Fade to Black. “Now is one of the most exciting times … the next three years are going to be absolute dynamite.”

The first course: “Not ours, not theirs…”

The June report from the Pentagon made one thing very clear: our government is no longer laughing at the subject of UFO’s. They’re taking the official stance that this isn’t sci-fi fantasy, it isn’t woo-woo insanity and in fact, it’s something they say could represent a threat “to national security.” 

Many UFO sightings have concentrated around nuclear missile launch facilities since the 50’s — UFO’s have even reportedly dis-armed nuclear missile sites entirely. They’re buzzing commercial airliners, harassing Navy battleships and charging fighter pilots. They’re becoming a near-omni-present observance for our Navy and the government couldn’t keep their heads in the sand any longer. Covering up a phenomenon out of their control is a near-impossible task; eventually, they had to acknowledge something real was going on here.

Now they have. 

Which brings us to the real nut of this report. In it, the government admits this isn’t some secret military tech of theirs, and they’re confident these UFO’s don’t belong to the Russians, the Chinese, the Taliban, or Elon Musk. So what possible explanations does that leave?


  • Aliens – It’s everyone’s favorite theory. If these UFO’s are indeed of extraterrestrial origin, from another star system or possibly another galaxy all together, then we’ve got some planetary reckoning to do. Hopefully Will Smith is available to step up to the plate again, to handle the situation. 

  • Interdimensional Beings: Not necessarily “alien” these UFO’s could be coming from another adjacent universe, or possibly a parallel dimension. Which would explain some of their bizarre physical properties, and inexplicable capabilities.

  • Time Travelers: Could be, these unidentified craft are probes or ships sent back in time from the future to guide or study mankind. (Which, honestly, might be the best case scenario because it would mean we actually have a future.)

  • Simulation Mods: Is this all a simulation? Are these UFO’s serving some function of the program? Are they mods? Or cursors? Or camera vehicles for the Truman Show we’re living in? 

  • Ultraterrestrials: Perhaps we’ve been sharing this planet with intelligent co-habitants all along, hiding in our oceans and our skies. Perhaps stories like Atlantis or the tin-foil legends of a Nazi-breakaway civilization hiding under the ice of antarctica aren't so farfetched after all…

Don’t take the US government’s word for it

Many of you are probably thinking: If you distrust the government so much, Juan, why are you taking their word on UFO disclosure? What’s so special about this topic, that makes you think the government would tell us any kind of real Truth about it? What if this is some kind of long-con CIA psy-op?!

Well — I’m glad you asked. Because, while it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that this is all smoke in mirrors, this disclosure movement isn’t just limited to the US. Things are happening all around the world that seem to indicate this shit is real and we need to start wrapping our heads around it.

– AUSTRALIA: Australia released 58 pages of declassified materials dating back to 1957. The aged documents describe how the Aussies handled reports of UFO’s since the 50’s. They also discuss a secret CIA program, known as the Office of Scientific Intelligence, that has been seriously studying the UFO phenomenon with the Air Force since 1947, and which meddled in Australia’s UFO business for decades.

"The early analyses of UFO reports by USAF Intelligence indicated that real phenomena were being reported which had flight characteristics so far in advance of US aircraft that only an extraterrestrial origin could be envisaged." The declassified Australian report reads.

– FRANCE: The French recently released their own 356 page special report on the UAP/UFO subject. It announces the creation of SIGMA 2, their own governmental task-force dedicated to scientifically researching and classifying “The Phenomenon.”

The French report is very scientific, includes photos from genuinely unidentified sightings, delves into famous US and UK sightings, and draws a plan for further research. France’s report concludes: “It seems that some cases are beyond known science and may prompt research into extensions of known laws or lead to other discoveries, confirming alternative theories, now qualified as speculative. To the question: do the [UFO’s] exist? We leave it to the reader to judge, but the answer is yes, in multiple and even changing forms during observations.”


The Final Word

Despite the cosmic news that our government is actually taking UFO’s extremely seriously (and the admission that they have been for some time) it didn’t seem to make the kind of splash many imagined. Both 60 Minutes and the Discovery Channel made special segments about the issue — and still, there was no global awakening, no explosion of curiosity, let alone terror. The world just kind of moved on…  

Which is exactly how UFO disclosure has been designed to go down: spoon-fed to us one piece at a time by the government to avoid panic and madness. We’ll get a small admission here, and a verified video there, a report every few years and maybe eventually  they’ll wheel out a grey alien in a cage like some kind of circus animal. Who knows? But their end goal seems pretty clear: they’re telling us that we’ve got company. 

From where, though? That’s become the question. Which is an extremely trippy place in history to be arriving at.