I’m 46 with two kids. Should I be on tik-tok?

I say, if it’s something you want, go for it! I don’t know much about Tik-Tok other than everyone is learning new dances which is probably a good thing. America is the fattest country. Maybe encouraging people to get off the couch and move around a little instead isn’t the worst idea. Have fun!

What’s a good cure for seasonal depression?

The only thing that ever really gets me out of a funk is food. Seasonal depression is a waiting game. Two things you can do is 1) Travel. If you’re in a place that’s cold and dark, book a trip somewhere that isn’t. 2) Take a cooking class – you’ll be making good use of your time and eating comfort food with a sense of self accomplishment. This is literally the best piece of advice I’ve ever given here.

I’m very lazy but I also need a job. Any advice for someone like me?

Have you tried applying to be a “Hammock Tester?” That’s gotta be a job, right? Someone that just tests hammocks? You probably have to work your way up to that position. Maybe you start on benches, work your way up through some chairs. Head up to REI and speak with someone. There’s probably a guy named Chaz that knows more about it than I do.

My husband and I are considering our living options. Is tiny house living worth it?

No. I honestly think this is one of those things we’ve convinced ourselves is cool because capitalism doesn’t allow us to actually own a home. Are tiny homes interesting? Yeah, as a vacation spot or a weekend of camping. Full time? Are you insane? Nightmare scenario. Smelling each other’s farts and taking turns sitting in the only chair that fits you can fit in the house for eternity sounds like the fast track to murder-suicide.

My wife wants another baby but I’m honestly just trying to manage my work, upgrading our home and raising our 3-year-old. How can I convince her now isn’t the time?

Ahhh yes, the classic “Ace-of-Base” conundrum. This is tough because baby fever is a real thing, and once that train leaves the station it’s full-steam-ahead. Your best bet is to tell her you just joined a paintball league, and you won’t have the time it takes to be a good father. And you’re not even sure the kid you already have is going to turn out OK. She’ll totally understand. Good luck.

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