In our December of 2012 issue we profiled a man by the name of Gustavo (Gus) D’Arthenay, who no doubt has been a key player in the rap game here in Denver. His stage moniker “Input” has ran alongside some of the biggest names in the industry, decorating show posters and crossing over genres unlike anyone else in town. His 2011 full-length album Left For Dead put him in a whole new level of artists that would seemingly take him to branch out into new horizons and grow from the scene he helped build. This weekend marks two of his last shows here in Denver for a while, as he’s moving on to new opportunities on the East Coast.

“I'm excited to be on the East Coast. I finally will broaden my musical horizons [out there], which I've never been to for performances. Also, my proximity to Atlanta will be beneficial as it puts me an hour away from there and my continuing work with SupaHotBeats. We are going back in [the studio] this summer / fall to begin on our follow up to Bombs Over Everything (2013),” says D’Arthenay of the upcoming residency change.

His style holds a range that’s very often overlooked in the genre. It travels from an end of spiritual melody to an aggressive throat-punch all within the same three minutes of a track. It’s a great compliment to the purpose of his writing, as it can go anywhere from getting wasted on the brown liquors to an absolutely stunning first person account of the Columbine shootings on ”Spirits Fly” feat. Nikkiya. While his style, talent and overall support of the artists here in Colorado will certainly be missed; we’d be neglectful to think this is a goodbye that will last forever.

“I'm going to miss the scene in Denver, the support and my friends and musical family. The relationships I've built over my last 8 years of making music have been at the epicenter of my growth. I'm going to miss the Colorado hangovers and the life of the city. I'm moving to a small town, so my life is going to flip just a bit, but it's going to be beautiful.” 

April 19th – The Fox Theater (w/ AraabMUZIK) – Boulder, CO
April 21st – Summit Music Hall (w/ Talib Kweli) – Denver, CO