We know how it feels to chew 5 gum. It's like laying on an oversize speaker filled with blistering hot marbles blaring old renditions of 2 Live Crew's Greatest hits while simultaneously being slapped by the world's most exquisite people wearing gloves congealed with jalapeño residue. It’s exactly how the commercials tell you it is. But we think Drake may have taken the craze a bit too far.

His inspiration seems to go far beyond the “line-it-up-brah” style. In this candid photo, we can see that there’s no denying the VMA performer’s motivation was nothing short of simple consumer love. The likeness is incredible.

And while we’re not surprised that Drake is a bit infatuated with a substance that makes a mess of someone’s face if they play with it the wrong way, we’re a little disappointed that he’s kept it from media’s attention for so long.

If this is a growing trend in the industry, may we suggest a Pringles logo in the beards of the Duck Dynasty guys?