We're not exactly fond of the word "lifehack" — mostly because it's attached to inane things like "toilet paper tubes make great iPhone speakers" or "organize your computer cords with bread ties." Yawn. We need real advice, Internet!

But then it delivered. Recently, Reddit asked for "unethical and possibly illegal lifehacks" — and man, you guys are scummy. We're never going to try any of these. *wink wink*


This won’t apply to all parking garages BUT I used to park at one where, right before I paid my ticket at that vending-machine-type doohickey, I would walk back to the entrance gate, press the button for another ticket and pay instead with the new one. I would be charged according to my stay of 30 seconds (when in reality I had been there for hours).

~ MrDudeAbides


You can use an empty Visa Rewards Bank Card to make in-flight purchases. The cards cannot be run while in flight so all transactions are completed once you land, so you can receive any item you want for free. There is no way to track the failed transaction because your information is not tied to the card. My friend is a pilot and I have done this for years.

~ jalapeno_face_


When we were teens we used to go to the movies on busy nights in large groups. Two people would buy tickets, enter the theatre. One person would head back outside with the two stubs and bring a third person in. Third person would exit with both stubs and bring a fourth person in. We sometimes repeated this until we had over a dozen people in the theatre for the price of two tickets. The ushers never saw the same face more than twice.

~ twerq


I went to a University where the student to Parking ratio was extremely terrible. You would basically have to show up 2 hours before class (if you lived off campus) to get a parking spot. Personally, I lived on campus, so for me parking wasn’t that bad unless I left the campus before 5 pm. So every time I walked to my car later in the day, I noticed that a parking spot right in the front (prime piece of parking) always had an orange cone on it. There was nothing wrong with it, it just had an orange cone. Later that semester I had to go get something out of my car in the morning, and see a guy drive up to the cone spot, get out of his car, put the cone in the trunk, and proceed to park. Turns out this guy has been doing this for months, using the cone to “reserve” his spot. Apparently no one ever questions or moves the cone when he places it back on the parking spot when he leaves.

~ Korashy


If you unplug the Ethernet cable from a Coinstar machine, it won’t charge a commission.

~ ExertHaddock


Struggling to write CV, or can’t get a particular job?

Post fake job offerings on websites such as indeed.co.uk for that position you’re interested in and watch the CVs/Resumes pour in, which you can then copy for your own advantage.

~ Leopatto


By adding a random one-way third leg onto a round-trip flight, you can sometimes fool the airline into dropping the fuel charges that usually add $300-400 onto the ticket. It’s called a “fuel dump” by frequent fliers.

~ goodmorningfuture


Buy all your textbooks and keep the receipts. Return to the store later that day or a few days later (most bookstores don’t give 100% refunds after the first week). Grab the book you bought off the shelf, take the book to the cashier and tell them you want to return it and show your receipt. If they require a reason say you dropped the class or are sharing the book with a friend. Get money back and leave.

Never paid for books and got money back on resell at the end of the term. Most cashiers they have, especially at the beginning of the term when you are buying books are temporary, student workers who don’t give a shit most of be time.

~ el_monstruo


Bankruptcy won’t discharge student loans. Get 50k in credit, pay off student loans. make minimum payment for 6 months. Stop paying for 6 months. Let them go to collections. File for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy will cost you $2k.

You are now debt free. Honestly, this is the only get-out-of-jail-free card left for graduates who are underemployed.

~ spicy_fries


When I was running low on food, I would eat the free breakfast at the hotel 2 minutes from my apartment.

~ Longandstraight19


Need a tool only once buy it use it then return it to home depot, its the home depot free rental policy.

~ reagor


If you live in a busy city and want free parking for the day, go to a garage/mechanic that offers a free service such as tyre rotation or pressure check (many do), take the car to them early in the morning and say you can’t pick it up until the evening. Free parking for the day.

~ AntoneFinance


My dad once told me this when I started to apply to jobs & colleges. If there is a list of things that are posted on the site of what you are applying for, copy and paste them into your application with white text. If it’s run over by a computer, it will catch it, and send it to the interviewers, getting you an instant interview. If all applications are looked over by people, it won’t be seen at the bottom, and won’t matter to them.

~ RGiss


Free food from almost any fast food: go in and say they forgot an item or two from your bag. They always just give it to you.

~ jojo913


At a Redbox put in the promotion code “redbox”, “brkroom” or “breakroom”. Most places get one free movie a day for their break room for having the machine on site and don’t utilize this. If no body has used that code within 24 hours, it your free.

~ Survivor1984

(Obviously these are for entertainment purposes only and nobody should ever do any of these outside of daydreaming or a really lucid dream where reality doesn't matter. If you do, you're obviously going to get in a bit of trouble … if you're caught.)