Selfies are quite possibly the bane of human existence (right behind snapchatting every second of your day.) Selfies can kill you, make you look pertinacious and annoy those around you.

It seems impossible to go to a concert, a Bronco’s game or a bar without someone around your taking non-stop photos of themselves. Believe it or not there is an entire world that exists outside of your phone; a world where people don’t care how you look on Snapchat but how you look in person.

Of all the different breeds of selfies there is one that is so evil, so obscured, so ridiculous that it blows our mind people find it attractive: the duck face. You all know the one we’re talking about. It’s the face you usually see on girls who peaked in high school but now wear 10 pounds of makeup and swim in pools of unsold Mary Kay products. It’s the face that is killing the Internet faster than any positive article ever written on Kim Kardashian.

Kim just reminding us how she got famous.

At least the Internet has found a way to retaliate against the endless flood of selfies that dominate our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. With a little Photoshop ingenuity a small group of Internet trolls have begun inserting spaghetti into people’s “sexy” duck face photos.

Believe it or not, the sombrero wasn't added in.

The movement even has its own Facebook page and has made it clear that no one is safe from global humiliation. So next time your thinking about taking a duck face photo just remember that someone out there is stalking the Internet waiting to humiliate you.

Not even the president is safe.