We get to the bottom of that whole 'astrology' thing with Debra Silverman, who just happens to be Sting and Madonna's astrologer. Get ready to learn a thing or two, bucko.

When did you decide that you wanted to become an astrologer?

I was 20, in college, and this woman came to my house. We were sitting around a table with my family and she started to describe each one of them in a way that I’d never been able to. I asked her how she did that and she said, “Well I'm an astrologer and blah blah blah.” Two weeks later, I was in a car with her, driving across Canada, and she was teaching me astrology on the road. I'm an auditory learner, so I just learned everything from her. Never had a teacher other than that. It was like I was a prodigy or something.

Can you explain what astrology is?

We have destiny lines. We come in with a promise or a purpose; mostly you have no conscious memory of it. It works through the unconscious mind through certain impulses that draw you to certain topics or to meeting certain people that you can't just describe, and astrology simply describes the uniqueness of your personality type.

Were you ever skeptical about astrology?

You don't have to believe in it, because for many years I didn’t, I thought it was ridiculous and illogical. I was like, “The stars affect you? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.” I have a masters in clinical psychology. Which happened after I got into astrology. I thought this is a great tool, but I need some credentials. So I went mainstream. Every session I do, people are like, “How does she know me so well?” That’s the most peculiar thing and it happens every time. For the longest time, I was a suspended skeptic.

What would you say to someone that says astrology is just a mystical practice and not rooted in science?

Well first of all, it’s rooted in astronomy. The whole of concept of astrology is based on a scientific description of where the planets are on the date and time of your birth. That's not random. That’s a hard science. It takes a lot of math to figure it out. And, it’s way more consistent than most things in this life because planets never, ever deviate. Now, the interpretation of that system? That’s an art form. I say to people, “The moon influences the waters, and we can predict by the moon's movement the nature of the water on this planet. We are 78% water. The moon influences a body of water. We are that.” There's some electrical, gravitational pull that affects us too. And if the moon can do it, other planets, Jupiter for example, which is a thousand times the size of Earth, have an influence, too.

What's the deal with the four elements? There's earth, air, water, and fire.

For every planet on your chart, there’s an element associated with it. Water is the emotional. It's the people that cry at the commercials. They're sensitive and intuitive. Air are the ones that talk and can't stop talking and they love relationships and they're always about connecting things and thinking and researching and writing. Earths are the practical ones. They want to get shit done. They're detailed. They count the money. And they criticize themselves all day. Fire gets super excited and enthusiastic and says the wildest things and they jump up and down and then they hurt themselves. They're blunt and funny and inspired and passionate. They are bold and attention-seekers. We all have all four of them. If one those four wheels is missing, the car goes sideways. So my job is to say to you, "which part of you do you feel like you're not doing? Is it your emotions? You have no water? Is it air? You can't talk? Is it earth? You're not good with money? Is it fire? You have no ju-ju?" I can help you.

Astrologically speaking, there’s more to your personality than just your date of birth. What other factors influence it?

Your date of birth is your sun sign, which is what cheap astrology says your sign is. Next is the rising sign. It's the time of your birth. Still to this day, hospitals write down birth times. That moment of that first breath is the incarnation of the spirit in the body. It describes the chart. There’s also your moon sign. Those three things interact in a million different ways to make you, well, you.

Okay, let’s get to the good celebrity stuff. How old is Madonna?

55. I went to school with her! For dance! She's a Leo. Sting is more of a Libra, she's more of a Leo. She is one of the most intelligent people. I was in awe of her. I've worked with lots of different big personalities, and I never get nervous. But she made me nervous. I was such a wreck before I met her that I went into a bar and chugged a glass of wine before I met her. I smelled like booze. I looked like a dick. She was amazing.

What makes her so Madonna-y?

Leo and Capricorn. She's got that combination of earth and fire. She's very grounded and intelligent.

What's the deal with Sting astrologically?

He is excessively bright, intellectual, and he is a thinker. He's got lots of air in his chart. He's a double-Libra. He's Leo rising, so he has the "look at me thing" although it's not his first preference to be in the spotlight but clearly it's his gift. He's actually quite shy. You would never know by looking.

Would Sting and Madonna make a good couple?

No. For sure the answer is no. He is very collaborative, and she is very powerful in her independence. He works always as a team. She is known for being the leader of the band. I
can't incriminate myself and give you any more info.

What's going on astrologically right now?

This was the worst month ever. Did you feel it? Horrible. There were 4 planets in Scorpio, there was a solar eclipse, sun and moon were in Scorpio, it was the dark night of the soul coming in. Just rage. Scorpio is not friendly. It's the deepest, darkest sign in the Zodiac and its goal is to make us real. So they penetrate any veneers you have. They will not let you pretend.

How can you ask anyone how horrible their month was, and they'll all know what you meant?

That's astrology. There are influences that affect just you, and there are influences that affect everybody. We're in this together.

What makes one person more susceptible to broader influences like that one?

If they're the sign that's being influenced. Astrologically, it all has to do with geometric shapes. Squares, triangles, different shapes indicate different effects. It's the oldest science on the planet, so they say. I can read your chart and tell how you'll be affected by broader influences by looking at the shapes on it.

Okay, so this month sucked. What about 2014?

I would say, it's financially going to be a difficult year for our country. We're going to really hit a rocky road. My message for the world? This is the time that the prophets predicted we'd dismantle our society as we knew it. We would end the world and have to return to basics. And we'd have to give up practical things. It's as simple as this: learn how to deal with your elements and money.

What's one thing you wish people knew about astrology?

That they knew it’s the doorway for compassion. That it would make them like their kids more. That it would give them permission to accept their partners. That people knew it could help them value their uniqueness. Astrology gives you permission slips for other people so you can stop judging each other.


Debra gives astrology readings. Contact her at 303.665.0320 or visit debrasilvermanastrology.com