An Italian man died last month after he was crushed by thousands of wheels of cheese, and we can only assume that this is the Italian equivalent for when a skier dies in Colorado and everyone says “Well at least he died doing what he loved.”
An article from BBC explains that a 74-year-old Italian man died after a shelf broke in a cheese warehouse which created a domino effect of cascading cheese wheels.
Apparently, each wheel of cheese that fell weighed about 84 pounds.
We’re firm believers that writing something like “And that’s not Gouda!” is low-hanging fruit and tasteless, but we also can’t help ourselves in reporting that it took 12 hours to find the man’s body underneath all the de-brie.
Indeed, it takes a special kind of class act to make cheese puns in light of a fatality, but if it’s any consolation, we don’t feel grate about this either. Actually, we were hoping that making a few jokes would hopefully make us feel cheddar.