An Italian mafia boss who evaded authorities for decades has been arrested after he was spotted via the Google Maps Street View car.

Meanwhile, there’s absolutely no way that your Internet Service Provider and Facebook know that you googled “how to extract DMT” in Incognito mode your freshman year of college.

Gioacchino Gammino (we googled it for you and it’s not Italian dumplings, you’re thinking of Gnocchi) was arrested in Galapagar, Spain after evading authorities since 2002. The 61-year-old was living under the name Manuel at the time. 

According to BBC, a Google Street View shot that showed a man resembling Gammino talking with a vendor in front of a grocery shop was key in making the arrest.

Prior to escaping a prison in Rome in 2002, Gammino was a member of the Sicilian mafia group known as Stidda. (We googled it for you and it’s not authentic Italian fedoras, you’re thinking of Stanzas.)

A year after his escape, Gammino was sentenced to life in jail for murder. 

“Sicilian police believed Gammino was in Spain, but it was the photo of him talking to a man outside El Huerto de Manu, or Manu's Garden, that triggered an immediate investigation,” reads the BBC article.

Authorities confirmed Gammino’s identity after finding a Facebook page of a restaurant that’s now closed called Cocina De Manu (we googled it for you and it’s not a text displaying a restaurant’s various dishes, you’re thinking of a menu.)

In the Facebook pictures, authorities were able to identify Gammino due to a scar on his chin. Their suspicions were further confirmed when they noticed that the menu had food items that were Sicilian. (We googled it for you and it’s not the stereotypical lesbian sex act, you’re thinking of scissoring.)

Before you feel bad for the Italian mob boss living as a chef in Spain, it may be worth noting that Gammino committed the cardinal sin for Italian men, which is not calling his mom for a decade.

Upon his arrest, Gammino reportedly asked police how he was found, as he hadn’t even called his family for 10 years.