In 2019 a bill known as HB19-1234 passed, which legalized medicinal cannabis delivery in Colorado. Patients who were too sick, or too busy to make it to the dispensary to get their medicine, were granted the option to order it online — just like food, booze or groceries.

However, the bill stipulated that recreational delivery wouldn’t be an option until 2021. Meaning that, as of January 1st, recreational cannabis delivery in Colorado became a legal enterprise, and soon, all across the state, users could have the opportunity to have their favorite dank delivered right to their door.

No doubt, this will create much-needed business and job opportunities throughout the state — but municipalities must individually vote on whether or not to approve the new service. Only cities that approve delivery services, will allow those businesses to open.

One municipality has already approved the delivery legislation, though: Aurora. They voted on December 7th, in an 8-2 approval of the measure, positioning their residents to be some of the first in the state to have recreational marijuana delivery as an option.

Affixed to Aurora’s approval vote, is a stipulation which will only allow social equity applicants to receive delivery business licenses for the first three years. In other words, only members of the community who have been negatively affected by the Drug War, will get first dibs on those licenses. It’s an effort to help level the playing field for minorities, who have been iniquitously barred from participating in Colorado’s legal cannabis industry, due to prior participation in Colorado’s illegal cannabis industry.

More municipalities are likely to start voting on recreational cannabis delivery soon. Which is good timing — with COVID-19 still running rampant in this state, recreational bud delivery represents a useful resource. It limits person-to-person contact, and could reduce the number of people leaving their homes and traveling to get their weed.

If you want the option to have your cannabis delivered, contact your municipal representatives — leave them a message, or shoot them an email and let them know that this is something that will make the community safer, while at the same time, making the task of re-upping on greenery, easier and more convenient than it’s ever been.