Go full hipster. You know you want to.

You might have a few friends that make their own beer, but that level of hipster is so 2015. The next step in homebrewing is home distilling. Even though it's illegal, you can finally buy the entire kit online, and for a comparatively cheap amount of money. 

If you've got a few hundred dollars lying around the urge to make your very own booze, you're in luck. The good people at Clawhammer Supply (a local Colorado company) is willing to sell you the tools. 

Look at those sweet bastards! You can totaly rock their 1-, 5- or 10-gallon all-copper stills, respectively for $149, $249 and $374. You might need to learn how to weld and do metalwork, but that first sip of homemade hooch will totally make it worthwhile. We're planning on starting with the baby model first:

According to the legal page on their site, it's a fine DIY project, as long as you don't intend to actually use it to produce real alcohol. (Fuel alcohol's okay, with the proper permits, or you can do water or essential oils permit-free.) Or the second option is not to get caught!

And since there's a tiny, tiny chance you could blow yourself up, it makes things even more genuine. Look for Rooster brand moonshine soon.