We'll be the first to tell you, there aren't many downsides to being intelligent. Sure some people will hate and the introverted behavior might baffle, but in the end, it's only part of being a savant. Turns out though, a new study is cramping our style and claiming that their might be another downside to being overly awesome and it's happening every day.    

In the recent study, conducted by Denise Friedman, researchers asked a group of undergraduate students to imagine a jealous scenario like finding a letter in the Facebook inbox of their partner from the opposite sex asking "What are you up to later?" 

As pissed as most of us would be, intelligent students or those with higher GPAs were most jealous about the intrusion on their territory. Why is this? Friedman has the answer to your question: 

"It may be that people with high GPAs tend to have a personality type that makes them more prone to jealousy. Students with higher GPAs are often more conscientious, show greater self-control and tend to be perfectionists. The perceived infidelity likely upsets their attempts at perfection across the board."

There seems to be doubt in this study, but researchers couldn't stop there. They had to look into the ambiguous emoticon faces that have changed the way we talk, text and express our overall feelings these days. 

While it's proven that women have more Facebook jealousy than men, men actually showed more jealousy when a message contained an emoticon. 

"Evolutionary work suggests men are more jealous of sexual infidelity, while women are more jealous of emotional infidelity. The winking emoticon was most likely perceived as flirtatious, perhaps even sexually suggestive, which may explain why men were more jealous in this condition" explains Friedman. 

Let's put it this way, every man knows that they don't always include a winkie face in a text, but when they do it's because they want to fuck.