Just when we were getting ready to play his ‘Holiday Hits’ album at the Christmas Party …

We think everyone can agree that a little light music to help set the mood with any meal is nice; however,  the specific type of music you should use is up for debate.

Wanting answers to this burning question, Professor Charles Spence at the University of Oxford ran an experiment to see whether or not certain types of takeout food tasted better when paired with different genres of music. He found that while some musical styles tended to complement some dishes more than others, and even make them taste better, walking tall tee Justin Bieber’s music had a completely negative effect on every single dish it accompanied. Not only did listening to “What Do U Mean” ruin the taste of food for the subjects, it obliterated their appetite as well.

Belieb it.

Using 700 volunteers, the study surveyed participants eating various takeout items while listening to either Indie, Dance, Hip Hop, Jazz, Classical or Pop selections. The subjects were asked to rank their dishes on a scale from one to ten afterward.

Professor Spence’s rationale behind the study are forthright enough: “Most of us believe that we experience food primarily through sense of taste, smell, and vision, but a growing body of research now shows that the music playing in the background can also have an influence,” he explains in an interview with Mentalfloss.

The researchers discovered that Italian-style dishes experienced more positive reviews if accompanied by classic music like ‘Nessun Dorma,’ explaining why Olive Garden and their terribly hokey ambience not only still exists, but somehow thrives. The study also concluded that Indian food was considered most enjoyable when paired with The Buzzcocks. Because nothing goes with a full order of Biryani like the band’s ’78 hit "Oh Shit." Weirdly, The Arctic Monkeys — think regrettable 2006 mixtape — also seemed to magically affect Indian takeout in a positive way.

Taylor Swift was a deemed the perfect match for Chinese food, while sushi types went heavy on the pretense claiming Jazz selections best enhanced their overall Crunch Munch Rainbow Roll experience.

But even though Bieber’s music lurks in technically the same genre as Taylor Swift’s, it still ruined every single meal it accompanied. Meaning even the universal appeal of an MSG-doused General Whoever’s Chicken and a fucking egg roll still couldn’t make the little shit stain’s tracks palatable.

“Don’t play Justin Bieber when you order a takeaway,” the professor reiterated.

Sounds like somebody found that one out the hard way …