No longer do you have to go about your day, Kanye-less. 

Each day we struggle through the grind of life, hoping that tomorrow brings us a moment of joy. We wake in the morning, saunter into work, do our job, drink the cool-aid and go about our daily existence as thought nothing is worth living for. That was then. That was before we found the best thing to happen to us since we found our first torn-up porn mag in the back field. It's called the Kanye-fidence generator and it will change your life, your friends' lives and most importantly, you'll get the daily dose of Kanye we all so desperately need. 

USA Today put together this gem and honestly, we're a little taken back by the ingenuity of the media outlet for putting together a witty piece of usefullness. Normally USA Today conjures up journalistic takes on the best burgers in the country but not any longer. Now they're joining the Kanye West bandwagon of "What the fuck did he do now?" Enjoy our offer of inspiration for your daily journey.