It’s gotta be hard being Kanye “Zestfully Clean” West. Having a city known for its bilking hard-earned cash from everyone else on the planet come beg to perform and in turn receive a $4.5 million payout? We’re sure it’s just awful.

As if the world wasn’t fucked up enough, TMZ reports a deal came in from Planet Hollywood’s Axis Theater to Mr. West, which offers the hip-hop “Gold Digger” a 3-week residency at its establishment. The venue only wants 3 shows a week and would in turn fill his Scrooge McDuck-like vault (we’re assuming he has one) with $500,000 per appearance.

It was apparently too much labor-intensive work for West, as the offer was turned down making the 9 days of work and its generous offer of $500,000 for each show to be in vain.

The residency would have made him the highest paid musician to currently grace the streets of Sin City, shadowing over Britney Spears' payday of $475,000 per show and Celine Dion’s $476,000.

Suddenly we feel a deep, certain kind of livid rage towards our mothers who always claimed rhyming “no hable inglés” with “singlé” into a handmade cardboard microphone would never work in the real world.