Drugs are the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems. We keep track of the biggest developments so you can go back to scrambling to scape up a few dollars to buy more. Because headspace is more than just an app, this is your weekly news on drugs.

1. Brit docs say "legalize it," as the Royal College of Physicians, which represents 26,000 medical professionals in the UK, said drug users shouldn't be punished, but get care and support.

2. A Mexican rapper is killing it, literally, as Qba, who had 125,000 YouTube followers, admitted to helping a cartel kidnap three students, beat and kill them, then dissolve their bodies in acid. It kicked off protests in Mexico. After his confession, he gained thousands more YouTube followers, and now stands at 133,000. No such thing as bad publicity, I guess? 

3. CBD heals addiction, as the pot molecule that's medicine, not a party drug, was shown to prevent relapse into dangerous abuse of other drugs.

4. Cops can find your fingerprints anywhere, as was proven again when cops nabbed a drug dealer by using fingerprints of his hands on social media. Last week, cops foiled a shoplifter by lifting his prints off some Play-Doh he'd fingered

5. Usually, beauty helps keep you out of trouble. This is why you should always speed with a gorgeous brunette in the passenger seat. But the "hot Instagram cocaine smugglers," who posted their coke trafficking on Instagram, were sentenced to a bunch of time behind bars.

6. Ketamine is for more than just k-holing at raves, as a ket inhaler shows promise as depression wonderdrug.

7. Ecstasy is the most used festival drug (not counting alcohol and marijuana), followed by shrooms, LSD and cocaine. Low on the list is opioids. Because you need to be awake to hear the music.

8. DMT, the insanest drug of all time, isn't too far down the list of festie highs. A new study shows it's being done by between 1.3 and 2.4 percent of festival-goers.

9. The crazier the drug, the more good it does — maybe — as a drug that "feels like absolute torture," ibogaine, can cure opioid addicts, a study found.

10 .Meanwhile, drinking makes you blind without knowing it, meaning you fail to consciously perceive fully visible objects. This is the drug we've chosen to make legal.

11. Finally, high school teacher and coach Raquel Spencer brought heroin to class and had sex with a student. Discuss.

12. FYI … and, we feel guilty for listening, but … that murderous Mexican rapper, Qba, can straight rhyme.