It's time to revisit this 1980's headfuck of a movie … 

Goddamn it, world. Why did you have to take David Bowie from us? From his debut album "David Bowie" in 1967 to his final goodbye, this dude has been at the forefront of cool and weird and awesome.

And while his music has seen a mind-blowing 5,000% increase according to Nielsen Music, proper respect must be paid to his acting as well. Remember Labyrinth? That deeply disturbing kid's movie where David Bowie looks like this:

And he tries to steal a baby for some reason, all while singing and dancing muppets help him? Yeah, we watched it last when we were kids, and it freaked us out then. We'll probably watch it again tonight, but the good folks at Honest Trailers did what they do best, pointing out some of the weirder aspects while still paying respect to Bowie's genius. 

But that crotch bulge. Yikes. How did this get rated PG?

So we'll have a drunken screening this movie over the weekend. See you all there.