Forbes loves its lists and this time around, they are showing that people under 30 have a ton more money than you. Lady Gaga, who hasn't put out an album in 2 years and canceled her tour half way through for hip surgery took home top honors, out earning the Biebs, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. 

According to Forbes, Lady Gaga pulled down a whopping $80 million between 2012 and 2013. She was followed by the leader of teen girls, Justin Bieber ($58 million) and the relationship expert, Taylor Swift ($55 million). At number four on the list was musician/producer Calvin Harris at $46 million and Rihanna rounded out the top five earning $43 million. 

Here's the list: 

1. Lady Gaga ($80 million)

2. Justin Bieber ($58 million)

3. Taylor Swift ($55 million)

4. Calvin Harris ($46 million)

5. Rihanna ($43 million)

6. Katy Perry ($39 million)

7. Adele ($25 million)

8. Jennifer Lawrence ($26 million)

9. Kristen Stewart ($22 million)

10. Taylor Lautner ($22 million)