We get it. It’s probably in good nature that Lady Gaga is bringing some sort of duality to the promotional barbarians that profit off of her unwavering edginess. El-Gee is a businesswoman, and her technique is on point. She’s trying to be silly while corralling in her monsters, to sell lots and lots and lots of records. Before you go spouting off on us about “reverse psychology” because the words trailed around a few times while updating statuses during Psych class, keep in mind that it’s obvious. Like we said, we get it.

But in her new promotional video the pop-star asks that we don’t buy into her. That she’s done. That if we don’t like pop music, we should turn this off! We should not buy her new single, and we should most definitely not buy her new album “ARTPOP,” dropping November 11, 2013. That’s something to be thankful for. Oblige if you will.

Maybe we should take her literally. Maybe to teach a lesson to those same barbarians we should, in fact, not buy her programming and use our coin elsewhere. We’re not saying it won’t be good. Hell, it’ll probably be downright catchy to the point that it transcends all annoyances that plague contemporary pop music. But the radio is still free, and we’re working on the over/under to start the poll on how many of her new songs will be used on car commercials – so we’ll get our Gaga fix one way or another.

So to this we ask that all of our millions of dedicated blog readers go ahead and listen to Gags. Because Gags knows best.