What's your excuse? 

Picture this: you’re born with a rare birth defect that leaves you perfectly normal except for one small detail; you have no arms. What would you do? Would you give up on life totally? Would you wait anxiously for scientists to create Star Wars-like robot arms? Or, maybe you'd say, "Fuck everything I’m going to learn to drive a car, fly a plane and earn a black belt in martial arts." Because that’s what Jessica Cox did.

Jessica Cox, at the young age of 32, has achieved more in her life than the average Rooster subscriber and she has done it all with no arms (and you thought your life was hard).

Jessica used prosthetic arms until the age of 14 when we assume she said, “Fuck this shit, I have a perfectly good pair of feet to do the jobs that my plastic arms can’t do.”

That’s when the magic started. Jessica began using her feet for everyday things like picking up objects, typing on a keyboard (25 words per minute to be exact) and even playing piano.

Jessica said that she spent the first half of her life feeling like an outcast because of her birth defect and it was this desire to be normal that pushed her to achieve extraordinary things.

She managed to earn a college degree from University of Arizona, an un-restricted drivers license (allowing her to drive a car with no modifications at all) and, in 2008, she flew a goddamn plane all by herself, setting the Guinness World Record as the first armless person to earn a pilot's license.

Her list of achievements goes on and on. She has two black belts in Taekwondo, she can put in her contact lenses and take them out, and she even is a certified scuba diver. Did we mention she has no arms?

Hollywood is currently working on a documentary about Cox titled “Right Footed” which we are assuming she directed herself and played every major role. She also wrote a book “Disarming Your Limits” and spends most of her time giving motivational speeches.

So, next time you’re too lazy to get your ass of the couch and find the remote, just remember there is a woman out their with no arms flying a plane and laughing at your incompetence.