This is quite possibly the most necessary thing we've ever seen this week.


The LamZac Hangout.. Portable Seat or Sofa that is Lightweight, Simple to Inflate, Take it Anywhere!!! #lamzac #sourcety #innovation #beach #deckchair #greatidea #lazingaround #rockingboat

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What perfect being has brought us this!?

The LamZac — taken from the Dutch word “Lamzak,” meaning "lazy person" — is a revolutionary new packable tool that allows one to be as sloth-like and worthless out in public as we've always hoped one could be. Each and every Monday morning we come to the realization that we're not getting any younger, and we now require just about as much leisure time as we do work time. Having a comfy bed at the whim of our desires sounds about as necessary as any one product can be.

Upon further investigation, however, the official site of the LamZac claims there aren't any left right now (of course there aren't), and the mobile chill-bag won't be in production and available for sale until sometime later this month? And even though the roughly $80 (American dollar) tag is a bit hefty, not to mention shipping and whatnot, pony-ing up for the sack of heaven definitely seems worth it. Couchella here we come!