Since the release of the security video showing Colorado’s Laurey Boo-Boo trying to re-enact the Alanis Morrisette hit “You Oughta Know” in real life, I’ve seen two distinct reactions proliferate in the media.

The first is complete hatred/revulsion at the fact that an elected congresswoman would act like this in public. This reaction seems to be the most powerful one as it has directly led to Washington groups pushing for a Congressional ethics inquiry into the Beetlejuice incident.

The second reaction is complete support—that what a man and a woman do sexually in a theater is nobody’s business but their own. Of course, I’ve found that this feeling on the matter usually comes from guys in MAGA hats sitting in their underwear while wrapped up in a custom American/confederate flag combo their wife stitched together. Guys that keep playing the groping section in slow motion while a bit of drool crusts to the corner of their mouths.

But when I watched the video, I formed a third opinion: I saw a scared woman self-sabotaging through an act of lashing out.

Yes, we’ve all read about her much-publicized divorce, and that certainly plays a huge factor in what Boebert did at Beetlejuice. But when you dig deeper, there’s so much more; more acts of lashing out and potentially more disastrous news about her 2024 re-election bid.

To see where this all began, we have to go back to Boebert’s 2022 campaign. More specifically, there are two events which occurred that help explain why she has become so unhinged and why the relationship between her and the GOP has somewhat soured.

In 2022, Boebert’s congressional district was known as “Trump Country”—incredibly Republican. In fact, one time while visiting the area, I was told that her district was so conservative, everyone who lived there was guaranteed to bleed red …

Basically, her campaign against Adam Frisch was SUPPOSED to win. And though she did, it was by one of the slimmest margins of victory in any mid-term election (551 votes). When this fact was made clear, I had a gut feeling that the GOP would threaten to cut the money spigot for her future campaigns. An email sent to her supporters this year leads me to believe I may be right.

“If we don’t turn things around quickly, we could lose this seat to the Democrats,” an August 29th email sent by her campaign read. “I can’t believe I’m saying those words, but I need you to understand how dire this situation is. [Democratic candidate Adam Frisch’s] latest internal polls have him beating us by two points.”

Though two points are still within the margin of error, it’s clearly enough to cause a meltdown.

The other scandal from 2022 that is finally starting to cause cracks in the seams has to do with the accusations of Boebert being a former escort.

Over the last year or so there has been a game of legal tennis being played between Boebert and David Wheeler of the Super PAC “Muckrakers” concerning the possibility of Boebert having been a professional escort, among other accusations. During her campaign, the PAC began making a number of claims all over the media. These included assertions that Boebert had an abortion when she was younger, that she had danced nude previously, and that she was also an escort before being elected to Congress.

Once these accusations came to light, Boebert immediately threatened to sue Wheeler and the Muckrakers for defamation of character. Upon hearing this, the group began removing the accusations they didn’t have any concrete evidence of. Though this included many of the more salacious tidbits, the Muckrakers still kept pushing the narrative that Boebert was an escort.

Though she never actually went through with suing the organization, she did get revenge; her appearances on any and every media outlet that would listen to her caused the levels of donations received by the Super PAC to fall exponentially. Due to the amount of money they were losing, Wheeler and his group flipped the script and sued Boebert for defamation in June of this year.

Once the lawsuit by Wheeler was filed, Boebert immediately filed her own “motion to dismiss” with the court. In the motion, each accusation leveled against her by the Muckrakers is mentioned and given a reason for its inaccuracies.

The ball was back in Wheeler’s court, which is exactly what he wanted—he was now able to bring perjury charges against Boebert because of the statements she made in the motion to dismiss.

Wheeler opted to use wordplay as the base for the perjury charges. In the motion to dismiss, Boebert claims the Muckrakers called her a prostitute. Wheeler explained that he never referred to her as a “prostitute” but instead called her an “unregistered paid escort” on, “which is legal in some locales in Colorado.”

Boebert’s motion also states that she was called a “stripper.” This forced another response from Wheeler, “We always used our source’s words, that she ‘danced nude’ at a club in Grand Junction. Again, she’s using words we never said to defend herself against an allegation we never made.” Wheeler also claims that the evidence they have from their sources will stand up to judicial scrutiny.

So, considering that over the last six months she’s begun divorce proceedings, is now facing federal perjury charges, and is down in the re-election polls (knowing how the GOP will only help finance a “winner”), it’s a surprise that something akin to the Beetlejuice incident hasn’t happened sooner. And when you combine the level of brutality involved in a re-election campaign with her own redneck style of zero self-awareness, the only outcome can be a series of train wrecks; train wrecks that will get progressively worse.

I want to feel bad for Boebert, I truly do but … I can’t. A lot of the misery she’s experiencing right now has been a direct reflection of her own actions and attitudes. Plus, I’m getting a betting pool together to see when she’ll go over the conservative edge and have another public meltdown where, this time, she tries to re-enact the Katy Perry classic “I Kissed A Girl” (incorrectly) thinking it will sway LGBTQ voters.

I say it happens when she gets 10 or more percentage points down in the polls.

Any takers … ?