Warning: this article contains mentions of child sexual abuse and other controversial topics.

Morality is a really interesting thing, isn’t it?

To some, a mother that steals bread for her starving family is completely justified, even though a law was broken. To others, laws are what keep us a civil society and to break any of them is to aid in the downfall of our nation, and the theft of the bread should be met with a punishment of some kind. In all reality, both perspectives are correct, it just depends on which sense of morality you cling to.

With all of that said, I always assumed that when it came to protecting the innocence of children, that moral argument had been settled a long time ago: to help in damaging or destroying that innocence is completely immoral. Then along came alleged former sex worker Lauren Boebert.

When I read that Boebert recently voted against the Respect For Child Survivor's Act—an act which would expand FBI resources to keep pedophiles more accountable all while using different counselors and techniques to minimize re-traumatizing the victim–only one feeling was present. 


Per the Colorado Department of Human Services child sexual abuse is the third most common form of maltreatment in Colorado, with 9.26% of children being sexually abused from 2016 to 2020. And according to those statistics, it has been reported that 30% of all child abuse victims never disclose any information to anyone. She knows this and still voted against these enhanced processes that were contained in the act.

But in reality, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because even if you remove her vote against the aforementioned Respect for Child Survivors Act, Boebert’s history with any legislation involving sex is ghoulish.

Before the $1.7 trillion congressional spending bill was passed in December, Boebert opposed it as it would "sexualize her sons." “Why do you want to sexualize our children?” she asked in a video posted to social media. “I have four boys! And this law is targeting children of their ages all across America.” Her issues stemmed from some small grants for LGBTQ programs, including $1.2 million for LGBTQ students in San Diego and half a million for the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth Program. The programs she cites make up less than 0.00013% of the total bill’s funding, and none of them have anything to do with Colorado, where her sons live.

This isn’t surprising given that Boebert has repeatedly claimed that LGBTQ members are “groomers”—another classic misdirection when it comes to dealing with actual groomers and abusers.

What makes all her hyperbole that much more sickening comes from the company she keeps. Namely Republican talk show host Jesse Kelly.

Time and time again she’s appeared on his show and espoused how great it is that there is a political program out there that is meant for families. In fact, a favorite rouse that Kelly likes to employ when bolstering this family-friendly claim is when he hangs up on supportive callers that slip and use profanity of any kind because that is NOT family-friendly. Yet, if you listen long enough, eventually you will hear Kelly go on a tirade about the LGBTQ community and their grooming tactics. He typically says something like: the LGBTQ community will convince your son to play with a Barbie doll, eventually leading him to chop off his own penis at age 13. At this point, he will be completely brainwashed into liberalism where he will vote straight Democrat at age 18 before committing suicide at 20.

To Boebert, this man is a savior by warning her two sons about chopping off their own penises due to liberalism. You know, because hearing about such horrific events is way less mentally damaging than money being funded to an LGBTQ group on the other side of the country.

So, to recap:

Boebert is fully aware that approximately one out of every five children in her state will be sexually abused within the next few years, yet she voted against enhanced tools given to the FBI that will prevent re-traumatizing victims (i.e.: her Colorado constituents). She also thinks spending any money for any LGBTQ cause—which will not impact her or her family in any way—is sexualizing her sons, but listening to a radio hack talk about sexual self-mutilation isn’t (even though they are the same gender and approximate age).

What a piece of shit …  


Cover photo: Gage Skidmore, Wikicommons